Adrian Beltre's top moments for the Texas Rangers

Adrian Beltre appeared on the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time this year. It looks likely he will get on his first ballot, so it seems like a good time to remember some of his best moments with the Rangers.
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Top Adrian Beltre moments from 2013 - 2015

Adrian Beltre's best moment from 2013 was being named captain of the Texas Rangers. It was significant because Beltre was just the third team captain the Rangers had ever had at the time. The two to proceed him were Buddy Bell in 1985 and Michael Young who is widely regarded as "Mr. Ranger" from 2005 to 2012. The combination of production on the field and veteran presence and maturity made Beltre a very fitting member to an exclusive club. It also solidified him as being in rarified air in Rangers history. There has only been one team captain since Beltre: Marcus Semien who was just given that title last season.

Beltre's best moment from the 2014 season was when he reached his 2,500th hit. Only 100 players in MLB history have reached 2,500 hits. He became the all-time leader in hits for Dominican born players in this same season as well, passing Vladimir Guerrero.

Adrian Beltre's cycle against the Houston Astros takes the top spot for his 2015 best moment. That cycle also took him to another level in a few different ways. He became the first player to hit for three cycles in the same ballpark - all three were at Globe Life, two as a Ranger one as a visitor. Beltre also became the only Rangers player to hit for multiple cycles. He truly had a special combination of contact and power.

Adrian Beltre
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