Are the Texas Rangers being underrated heading into Spring Training?

Spring training is almost here and over/under projections are out. Are the major sporting books being stingy with how many games Texas will win?
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Where will Texas finish up in 2024?

If I was betting on Texas' over/under I would take the over. The number to watch in the first half for me is can Texas stay at or around .500 through the middle of June. If they are within two or three games of .500 either above or below they will easily finish above 90 wins. If they are five games or more below .500 then it will be a battle to the finish and they probably finish under the win total.

I think this team will find a different way to win in 2024. The formula in 2023 was six or more innings from the starter and then five or more runs from the offense would almost always lead to a win. I think in 2023 at least through the first half it will require more bullpen handling from Bruce Bochy. I think Texas will have to be very active to maintain fresh arms in the pen. I would not be surprised to see Texas reach down early in the season to get Chase Lee, Marc Church, or Owen White to supplement the pen. It will be a lot more close games, but with Bruce Bochy in the managers' chair I think Texas will be up to the task of winning some of these toss-up games.

When we get to October I think this team will finish up with 92 wins. I do not know if that will be enough to win the division. Houston is still going to be very good. It might come down to how Texas plays in the final 15 games where they play the Mariners in Seattle and back in Arlington and then finish up the season with a six-game trip out west against the A's and Angels. Texas I believe will be hitting their stride around that time and will finish strong and have a chance to win the division.

The beauty of baseball though is that nobody knows what will happen or what players will surprise. Injuries will occur, players will slump, and some unexpected trades will be made. The team that Texas enters camp with will likely be very different from the team they end the season with.

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