Astros fans' fake Rangers outrage over Alvarez moment shows how delusional they are

While the Rangers are still trying to figure things out this season, their cross-state rivals seem to be close to imploding in on themselves.
Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

While the start of the 2024 season has not gone very well for the Texas Rangers on multiple fronts, it could always be worse. Hovering around .500 for the first month of the season after winning the World Series the previous year with a ton of guys on the injured list is far from ideal, but few things compare to the dumpster fire that we are witnessing with the Astros this season.

Despite being everyone's sexy pick to win the AL West yet again in 2024, the Astros find themselves with a 9-19 record, and that required them sweeping the dreadful Rockies in the Mexico City Series. Their pitching staff is beat up, their prized bullpen has been terrible, and the veteran bats that they have relied on have been very inconsistent. It has been an absolute delight.

Based on how some Astros fans are responding to even the smallest slight during this slump, it is only a matter of time before their fanbase implodes in on themselves. Take this, for example, back when the Rangers and Astros met on April 12.

Astros fans are beginning to lose their minds to the Rangers' delight

This play was from a couple of weeks ago, but is a good illustration of the level of delusion in play here. Brock Burke, who is an inexperience pitcher, clearly couldn't control the arm-side run on his fastball that evening and was in a position that he had to perform to keep his roster spot. Burke ended up breaking his hand during this very series after punching a wall because he was throwing so badly, and may have played his last game with Texas as a result.

Yes, a couple pitches were inside including the HBP, but insinuating that the Astros are human targets while everyone would be kicking and screaming if it was Seager getting hit is disingenuous at best. Sometimes guys don't have it and try to pitch inside and batters get hit. Yordan obviously wasn't a fan of the experience, but no batter is going to be because getting hit hurts.

And to compare Burke, who has only been pitching on a consistent basis to 2022, to Bryan Abreu, who has emerged as one of the most effective relievers in the sport, is also insane. Most people have never even heard of Burke.

Again, Astros fans are just in their feelings right now. They got used to just having their tickets to the ALCS automatically punched every year and don't know how to act now that their team is struggling. Maybe they deserve a free pass here, but don't be surprised if it gets worse and worse if Houston can't figure out how to be a functional baseball team again in 2024. Either way, Rangers fans should get the popcorn out and enjoy.

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