Can the Texas Rangers benefit from the Los Angeles Angels miserable season?

The Angels have effectively waived the white flag and the Rangers could be in a position to strengthen their roster because of that.
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#2- Matt Moore

The former Texas Ranger two times over is now one of the players that was placed on waivers by the Angels. Moore last offseason chose to sign a 7.55 million dollar one-year contract with the Angels. Texas now may get another opportunity to bring back the lefty for a third tour of duty for the team.

Moore this season has continued the momentum he built in the bullpen last season. He has a slightly higher ERA at 2.30 this season, but his strikeout to walk ratio is higher than last season. His batting average against is still really low at .196. He has had a really good season for the Angels.

I am sure Moore would welcome a trip back to Arlington and especially in the middle of a pennant race. He would likely take over the role Brock Burke has been pitching in a hybrid middle relief and late inning relief role. A pitcher like Moore is very valuable because he is plug and play. Bochy can insert him into any inning and know that Moore will go out there and likely succeed. Texas would be very luck to be able to claim Moore and be awarded his contract for the rest of this season. Who knows, maybe Texas will actually be able to resign him this time.

#1 Reynaldo Lopez

If Lopez is claimed he will be playing for his third organization this season. He started the season in Chicago with the White Sox, was traded around the deadline with Lucas Giolito to the Angels, and is now awaiting word on which contender will be claiming him to finish out the season. The reason he will pitch for this third organization is because he is highly sought after by many teams.

Lopez is a right-handed reliever who primarily relies on a 98.3mph four-seam fastball that hitters have a .202 batting average against. In 53 2/3 innings pitched he has 71 strikeouts and 38 were on the fastball. He also has an 88mph slider that generates a tremendous whiff rate at 39.2%. He does not really close out games that often, but he does pitch in the late innings whether it was for the White Sox or Angels.

Lopez would fill a definite need for Texas. It would give them that extra power reliever that this team has needed. It would allow Will Smith to pitch in a more situational role rather than in the late innings. Bochy could use Lopez in the 8th inning and then use a combination of Leclerc, Stratton, Sborz, or Burke in the 7th. It would help them be able to close out more of these close games in September and hopefully beyond.

The results of these waiver claims should become known by Thursday afternoon or evening. They will be processed before the deadline and so Texas should know on their off day if they won any of the waiver claims and who to make room on the roster for. If they do receive a player they would be postseason eligible. Lets cross our fingers and hope that maybe Texas can take advantage of this horrible season from the Angels and be able to take one of their players to the playoffs.