Corey Seager's hot streak gives slumping Rangers hope for better days

Corey Seager is starting to get going again right when the Rangers need him to the most.
Cleveland Guardians v Texas Rangers
Cleveland Guardians v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

At this point, Texas Rangers fans are just waiting for the next hammer to drop given their luck in 2024. Every positive injury update is met with two others where guys are having setbacks or adding their names to the list of the walking Rangers wounded. Most importantly, the results on the field have been bad, as the Rangers sit at .500 and just lost a series to the last-place Angels.

If one is looking for silver linings, though, you could find one in the play of Corey Seager, who got off to a slow start in 2024 as he was slowed by his recovery from hernia surgery. From the start of the season through the end of April, Seager had just a .631 OPS and 80 wRC+ — a far cry from the 1.013 OPS and 169 wRC+ he posted last season.

However, the month of May has been significantly more kind and Seager's turnaround could be a sign of good things to come for the Rangers.

Corey Seager is starting to rake and that is great news for the Rangers

After his early struggles, Seager is heating up along with the weather as he puts his offseason surgery behind him. For the month of May, Seager is slashing .266/.368/.469 and his numbers are even better than that if you take the first week of May out. He may not be putting up the MVP-type of offensive numbers that we saw last year, but the Seager has improved markedly over the last couple of weeks and that could be the boost that Texas needs.

Ultimately, Seager returning to form won't be quite enough on its own to get the Rangers over the hump and back to the top of the division. They will still need rookies Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford to start carrying their weight, and others to step up as well. It also wouldn't hurt if they could at least get some of their preferred starting rotation in place soon.

However, getting Seager going is a great first step, and once Texas starts getting healthy again, they could be as dangerous as any team in the league assuming they haven't dug too deep of a hole for themselves in the meantime.

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