Everything Rangers fans need to know about top prospect Justin Foscue

The Rangers have called up Justin Foscue after Josh Jung's unfortunate injury.

2024 Texas Rangers Spring Training
2024 Texas Rangers Spring Training / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages

Welcome to The Show, Justin Foscue! The top prospect slugger was promoted by the Texas Rangers after Josh Jung fractured his wrist on Monday night in Tampa.

Foscue was drafted by the Rangers in 2020 with the 14th overall pick from Mississippi State. He arrived at Mississippi State as a third baseman and was moved to second base during his sophomore season. Foscue began at High-A Hickory after being drafted and quickly was promoted to Double-A Frisco after recording an 1.143 OPS in his first 33 games for the Crawdads.

He spent the remainder of the 2021 season as well as the entire 2022 season in Frisco. He was then promoted to Triple-A Round Rock for the entire 2023 campaign. He began back in Round Rock again this season after making a push for the Opening Day roster in spring training.

Foscue has been on the radar of many Rangers fans for a little while now. The college success he had at Mississippi State that led to his first-round draft selection has so far translated to the professional level as well. In his first three seasons in the Rangers organization, all Foscue has done is hit.

Between rookie ball, High-A and Double-A in his first season, Foscue accumulated a .961 OPS, 17 home runs and 51 RBI. In his first full year at Double-A Frisco in 2022, he logged an .850 OPS, 15 home runs, 31 doubles and 81 RBI. Last season at Triple-A Round Rock, he recorded an .862 OPS with 31 doubles, 18 home runs, and 84 RBI. He also saw a big jump in his steals last season, going from three in 2022 to 14 in 2023.

The reason Foscue has remained in the minor leagues has nothing to do with his performance. He has produced well (and consistently) at every level. It has everything to do with how good the Rangers infield already is. Third-place AL MVP finisher Marcus Semien has second base locked down and Josh Jung emerged as a stud last year, being selected as the AL's starting third baseman for the All-Star Game.

Foscue has been working on diversifying his skills beyond second and third base as a result. He took reps at first base this past offseason to add to his own value in hopes of making the major league roster. He has become a quality utility infielder to go with his consistent production at the plate.

Foscue is the bright spot to an otherwise awful situation for Jung, who's early career has been unfortunately riddled by injuries. Rangers fans all wish it wasn't at the expense of Jung, but Foscue will finally get his shot to prove what he can do at the major league level.

It remains to be seen how Bruce Bochy and his staff uses Foscue. He has the ability to play at first or third, both positions the Rangers are currently lacking depth at due to injuries. Regardless, the defending champs will be looking for the newest call-up to make an impact while Jung and Lowe are on the IL.