Financial uncertainty casts a shadow over Texas Rangers' offseason

As the fans are still reveling over the World Series championship, the realities of the Texas Rangers financial situation are dampening the fans' enthusiasm for the 2024 season.
Texas Rangers Victory Parade
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Texas and "financial uncertainty"

We have written about this already twice before this offseason. Texas is potentially losing $111 million in revenue for the 2024 season. Chris Young said this week that they would have enough money to go sign Shohei Ohtani if needed. That felt more like a message he wanted out there to potential free agents than actual reality.

The old saying is do not listen to what someone says, watch what they do. If you listen to what the front office has been saying it would be inferred that Texas would be in in on several high-priced free agents. If you watch what they have done though it tells a completely different story. They were out on Ohtani very early. They have not even been mentioned as an option for Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto. They seem to be out on bringing back Jordan Montgomery. It seems like the common denominator between all three of these cases is money. Chris Young can say that they have enough money and ownership is providing the resources necessary, but his actions are telling a much different story.

The good news is that Texas is not to the point where they are trading away players to compensate for the lowered revenue. The Padres' main reason for trading away Juan Soto this week was that they did not want to have to pay the exorbitant amount he would likely get in arbitration this winter. San Diego was dropped by Bally Sports last season and has seen their revenue decrease as a result of that. Texas is not to that point of trading players, but they are not as active as fans would like as they start the defense of their World Series championship.

So what is next for Texas heading into the 2024 season?