How Rangers fans can purchase their gold World Series merchandise this week

The Rangers' Gold Collection goes on sale Thursday. Here is how you can get your sweet good-trimmed Rangers gear.

Texas Rangers Victory Parade
Texas Rangers Victory Parade / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

While winning the World Series is its own reward for the Texas Rangers, there are a lot of other benefits. Coming off a title run is sure to have fan interest in the team at a very high level, and the crowds at Globe Life should be rowdy, especially if the Rangers get off to a hot start. However, one of the best parts of winning the Fall Classic is that there will be lots of merch for fans to buy up to celebrate the win and make fans of other teams jealous.

And no, the Merch Wave didn't stop last fall when the Rangers' championship gear was released. It's only just getting started.

How fans can buy the Rangers Gold Collection merchandise

Termed the Rangers "Gold Collection," similar to what other teams have done in recent years, the Rangers will have gold-trimmed jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and a host of other merch that will prominently feature the gold trim design and, of course, the Rangers' triumph. All of that merchandise will go on sale Thursday, March 21st and fans will have a couple of options to snatch up their gear.

For those that prefer to avoid going outside or just don't want to deal with the crowd, Gold Collection items will be on sale at the Rangers online team shop starting Thursday. No word yet on how limited supplies may be, so you may want to be refreshing that page if you have specific items you really want to get your hands on.

Now if you want to see firsthand what you are buying or you have specific size requirements that you need to account for (or you just enjoy chaos), the only place you can buy Gold Collection merch in person before Opening Day is the Grand Slam Team Store at Globe Life Field. The store will be open 9 AM to 9 PM on Thursday before reverting to their usual 10 AM - 6 PM hours for non-game days. Expect a crowd on Thursday if that is the path you choose.

If you are looking for a World Series replica ring, you'll need to come to one of the two currently scheduled games where they will be given out as promo items. May 14th's game against the Guardians will feature replicas of Corey Seager's World Series ring, while the June 4th matchup against the Tigers will be a chance to get a replica of Marcus Semien's ring. It is worth noting that other teams that have given out ring replicas have added more promo games after the fact, so make sure you monitor the Rangers' promotional calendar for changes there.

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