Is Dane Dunning going to start Opening Day for the Texas Rangers?

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
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#2- Dunning is the longest-tenured Texas Ranger in the rotation

Texas traded Lance Lynn to Chicago after the 2020 season in exchange for Dunning. He has been here for the 102-loss season in 2021 and the 94-loss season in 2022. He was around for the Chris Woodward era and is now playing under Bruce Bochy. He was there for the dark days when Texas was trading away stars like Kyle Gibson and Joey Gallo. He has held onto his spot on the roster from the rebuilding years into the years of contention.

Dunning never lost faith in himself or the team. He rehabbed from a serious hip injury and returned to have the best season of his career. Now he has seen the team come out the other end and even win an unexpected World Series championship in 2023. Now with the departure of Martin Perez, Dunning is the longest tenured Texas Ranger in the rotation. He is among the longest-tenured Rangers on the team. He is surpassed only by Jose Leclerc and Jonathan Hernandez on the pitching staff. That time of service to this organization would be a reason to give Dunning the Opening Day nod.