Is Emiliano Teodo a bullpen option for the Texas Rangers in 2024?

A hard-throwing right-hander made an impressive debut on Saturday. Should he make his MLB debut this season?
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What Texas should do with Teodo

Texas should put Teodo in the rotation at Frisco and give him 20 or more starts in 2024. If he can be a starting pitcher with that type of velocity he would be far more valuable than he would be as a reliever. There should be no rush into making him a reliever. If results dictate that starting is not in his future then they can do that later in the season. Let Teodo sink or swim as a starter in 2024. This course of action is what is best for the Texas Rangers and for Teodo.

Enjoy listening to and maybe watching the few games that are on television this spring training. I hope Teodo follows up his dominant Arizona Fall League in 2023 with a dominant spring training in Arizona. That would mean Texas might have another pitcher to add to their arsenal of arms. Then he can come back to spring training in 2025 and potentially earn a job out of camp next season when there might be more openings in the bullpen.

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