Is it too soon for the Texas Rangers to talk extension with Evan Carter?

In light of the Milwaukee Brewers potentially signing top prospect Jackson Chourio to an extension the question has to be asked should Texas consider something similar for their top propsect Evan Carter?
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The reasons why Texas should hold off on giving Evan Carter an extension

Evan Carter is still just 21 years old. It appears he has a solid major league career in front of him. He also has had some health issues in the past. Texas is dealing with financial issues that have arisen from the potential loss of their Bally Sports contract. They need to be focused on using the financial resources they do have to improve the major league roster. They can sign Carter down the road when the financial situation is more stable.

They also do not know how good Carter is. 40 games is a small sample size when trying to decide. I am not saying to throw out what Carter did in 2023. He was a rookie and the scouting reports on him were likely very thin. The true test will be in the 2024 season when teams have a better idea of his strengths and weaknesses. He will have to find a way to navigate a 162-game schedule.

Texas will have a much better idea of how good Carter is after the 2024 season than they do now. I do not think he is a flash in the pan. There is also not an urgent need to extend him now. He will still have five years of control after the 2024 season. By next offseason they can look to possibly extend both Carter and Langford and develop a nucleus of the team for 2027 and beyond.

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