Is it too soon for the Texas Rangers to talk extension with Evan Carter?

In light of the Milwaukee Brewers potentially signing top prospect Jackson Chourio to an extension the question has to be asked should Texas consider something similar for their top propsect Evan Carter?
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What will Texas end up doing in regards to Evan Carter?

I do not think it is too early to talk extension with Carter. He showed the makings of a future All-Star type player. He is young enough now that he will still be developing into a better more mature player for the next several years. I also think that the Rangers have other needs that they need to focus on first.

Texas needs to add to the bullpen desperately. They likely need two to three bullpen arms to add to the depth of the pen. Jose Leclerc and Josh Sborz need legit arms that can help them from being overused in the 2024 season.

Chris Young will also be looking to add starting pitching. That could include bringing back Jordan Montgomery. It also could include possibly bringing back Martin Perez or adding someone like Michael Wacha. Texas showed in 2023 that a team can never have too much pitching.

Texas would likely address any potential Carter extension in Spring Training. They will have made all of their big offseason acquisitions by then and have a firm grasp on what their payroll will be for 2024. They can then sit down and talk numbers with Carter and his representation and see if they are interested in talking extension.

No matter what happens Carter will be here with Texas for at least six more seasons. He is going to grow up here and be part of this organization for a long time. Extension or no extension he is part of the future for Texas. The only thing signing that contract would indicate is they value him long-term and want him to help form the core of the next generation of Texas Rangers baseball.

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