Latest Nathan Eovaldi update finally gives the Rangers some hope of a turnaround

It sounds like Nathan Eovaldi could be coming back soon, but how soon is still very much up in the air.
Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals
Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The day is still young, but it does appear that the Texas Rangers did somehow manage to get through their loss to the Phillies on Thursday without anyone else getting hurt. Losing yet another game certainly hits where it hurts, but avoiding another injury actually has the Rangers ahead of the curve they have set for themselves in 2024.

In fact, Texas actually has a bit of positive injury news for once. Nathan Eovaldi has been out since the beginning of May with a groin that was characterized as mild, but we aren't taking any chances given the Rangers' rotten luck this year in agreeing with that assessment.

That said, the latest update on Eovaldi is that his two-inning bullpen session went very well and that he is "very close" to returning for the Rangers, but with one important caveat.

Texas Rangers News: Eovaldi should return soon, but may need a rehab start

Obviously getting Eovaldi back would be a huge boost to a Rangers team in desperate need of one. Their pitching staff has been ravaged by injuries and the team has been in a downward spiral for a while now. Texas has to get back on track, and soon, and getting arguably their best starter back would be extremely welcome towards that goal.

However, just because Eovaldi is feeling a lot better doesn't mean that the Rangers are just going to slot right back in without a rehab assignment. In fact, when manager Bruce Bochy was asked about Eovaldi going to the minors for a rehab start, he hinted that that could be exactly what the team ends up doing when he said, "“It has been brought up. There is some concern with him going full bore in an MLB game right now with the time he’s had off. We want to do what’s right for and by Nate."

If Eovaldi has his way, he will get right back to starting in the big leagues, so we just have to wait and see if he can convince the team and coaching staff that he is ready to roll right away.

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