Making the case for why the Texas Rangers should sign Clayton Kershaw

While Texas scans the free agent market to add more depth to the rotation I think we should examine why Texas should sign a pitcher that will not pitch till July.
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What would be the downside to signing Clayton Kershaw?

The downside would be if Kershaw does not recover and is on the IL all season long. If that happens then he spends every day on the 60-day IL and does not take up a 40-man roster spot and then is a free agent again after the season where he may decide to retire. If that happens then the only thing lost would be the money ownership would be paying him.

Texas has shown consistently that they are not afraid of taking a chance on injured or injury-prone pitchers. They will not be scared away by Kershaw's bum shoulder. If anything they will look at this as an opportunity to get a really good pitcher on a discount and be rewarded with great performances when it matters in August and September. So the downside is really not that much of a negative for this front office.

The most important thing to remember is this will be Kershaw's decision and he will make it on his timeline. Chris Young or Andrew Friedman are not going to pressure the Hall-of-Famer into a decision before he is ready. He will make the ultimate decision on whether he leaves the only team he has known to play for the city he calls home. That decision might come this week, it might not come till January, or it might not come till he is ready to pitch in June or July. The only person who knows is Clayton Kershaw and for now, it seems he is focused on the rehab process and making sure he stays on the midseason return timeline.

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