Max Scherzer's harsh comments on MLB umpires will actually rally all baseball fans

This might actually work.
Texas Rangers pitcher Max Scherzer
Texas Rangers pitcher Max Scherzer / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Max Scherzer is not only a Cy Young Award winner and future Hall of Famer, but he might be working his way into being MLB Commissioner one day. At the very least, the Texas Rangers pitcher should have some sort of role in the Major League Baseball offices once his career is over.

Rangers fans are eager to get Scherzer back onto the mound, but at the moment, the eight-time All-Star is on a rehab assignment at Triple-A Round Rock. Scherzer went 2.1 innings during his first game back following hernia surgery last offseason.

But it was Scherzer's postgame comments, not his performance, that gripped the group of reporters after the former MVPs outing with the Express earlier this week. Scherzer was asked about the automated balls and strikes (ABS) challenge system, and had some interesting thoughts on how to fix the officiating of the game while not turning everything over to the robo-umps.

Max Scherzer's harsh comments on MLB umpires will actually rally all baseball fans

Scherzer spoke about his desire to keep the human element as part of the game, and even went as far to say that most umpires are really good at their job. While some fans may disagree, Scherzer knows better than most.

But rather than outright eliminate the human element altogether, Scherzer would like to see MLB implement a ranking system so that the umpires are essentially competing against each other, not machines.

Scherzer said, "I want a human back there judging the calls. It seems too weird to have a robot back there calling the game." The Rangers starter then went on to say, "We need to rank the umpires. Let the electronic strike zone rank the umpires."

As he began to elaborate on his idea, Scherzer brought up the thought of relegating the lowest ranked umpires to the minor leagues. Scherzer stressed that it's the bottom-tier of umpires (we're all looking at you Angel Hernandez) that pitchers take issue with.

Scherzer's idea is not complicated -- it keeps the human element and would put the best umpires in position to call the games. That sounds like a win for the players, the fans, and the umpires. And a loss for the robots! Let's make it happen!

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