Nathaniel Lowe is all Texas Rangers fans in wild World Series parade moment

The Silver Slugging first baseman is living his best life, and we should be too.

Texas Rangers Victory Parade
Texas Rangers Victory Parade / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

I immediately started to sob when the Texas Rangers won the World Series. I was happy, of course. I had waited for this moment for 30 years and was honestly never sure it would happen. The emotion I felt did not go away overnight. It wasn't until today, as the 2023 Texas Rangers paraded among hundreds of thousands of fans, that I felt uncontainable excitement.

I live in New York City, so I could not attend the parade like some of my distinguished colleagues. Instead, I threw on my favorite cap and cleaned my living room while my children napped and the Rangers celebrated their victory. It may sound mundane, but I was fired up. The windows have never been cleaner than they are now. My rug is crumb-free. Both my kids crushed their naps. It was wild over here. Just as wild, some (none) would argue as Nathaniel Lowe.

The Texas Rangers' first baseman was out in full force for the parade today. The lovable, mustachioed Lowe smoked a cigar while he waved and smiled to fans from the back of a pickup. His excitement was contagious and encapsulated what a lot of Rangers fans are feeling. Since the win, who among us hasn't wanted to chug a beer and then remove our jersey and half shirt and stand bare-chested among a crowd of onlookers?

Nathaniel Lowe merely looked into our hearts and did what we all want, nay, need to do. I'm not necessarily saying you need to go chug a beer. Also, please don't take off your shirt in front of strangers if it makes you uncomfortable. My point is that you identify your own "chugging a beer" or "stripping in public" and do that for yourself. We Rangers fans have suffered through a lot. We deserve a release. Heck, from what I've seen and heard, a lot of people who were at the parade sure got it.

The 2023 Rangers allowed us to feel hopeful. They made us believe that we could bounce back from anything. By winning the World Series, they took something that seemed impossible to achieve two years ago and made it ours. We owe it to ourselves to continue following their example, specifically Nathaniel Lowe in this case, and go absolutely banana pants crazy until the 2024 season (then it's back to the grind).