One AI software finally gets it right with one Texas Rangers' player

Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The world is changing like crazy, and that is scary. Social media is different, and there are a ton of new technical things that are being made. One of those things is AI, or, Artificial Intelligence.

People are using AI for a ton of different things, whether it be making music using a rapper's voice, or even asking AI to create a cartoon character picture of a celebrity. I have truly seen a ton of different ways it has been used.

A lot of the things it has been used for have gotten it wrong. But, there is one thing one AI software got right, and it has everything to do with the Texas Rangers.

AI software names Texas Rangers star as top two player

The Rangers are filled with stars on their roster now. It has been a long time coming, but they did their time, lost their fair share of games, and built up a solid team the right way.

Now they are a team that is looked at as one that can do some damage, and they have shown that so far as they get off to a 10-6 start in their first 16 games. They just beat both 2022 World Series teams in a season series. If that doesn't tell you they have the potential, then I don't know what will.

The way they are looked at now is largely because of two things: The signing of manager Bruce Bochy and pitching ace Jacob deGrom. Now, they aren't the only reason the team is playing the way they are, but they have a lot to do with it, and the way the team is being publicly perceived.

One AI software called Chat GPT that you may have heard of, recently listed the top 10 players in the MLB right now. While they usually get a lot of stuff wrong, they got this one right, as they listed Jacob deGrom as the second-best player in baseball behind Mike Trout.

deGrom's outing against Kansas City had him on pace to prove that, as he threw four scoreless innings, but left early due to wrist soreness.

deGrom is a top-two player in the league when healthy, and I don't think many are going to argue with Chat GPT on that one.