Power ranking the Texas Rangers' potential rookie superstars for the 2024 season

The Rangers are absolutely loaded with high impact rookies heading into 2024.

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Evan Carter

Okay, look....yes, Evan Carter is Texas' top-ranked prospect by both MLB Pipeline and Baseball America, but he doesn't top the list here. Just stick around for an explanation for that. One thing that needs to be made clear, though, is that this isn't an indictment of Carter whatsoever. He has been raking down at spring training, and his overall skillset is so great that the Rangers called him up in September, leading to him instantly becoming a key cog in Texas' lineup all the way through the World Series.

What is going to be the most exciting thing about Carter is that Rangers fans are going to get to see a full season of him in the big leagues in 2024. In his first 23 regular season games in the majors, Carter slashed .306/.413/.645 with five homers and three stolen bases. Based on that, plus what we know from his minor league days, don't be surprised if Carter flirts with a 30/30 or better season in 2024.

Wyatt Langford

That brings us to the top name on the Rangers' rookie power rankings in Wyatt Langford. Clearing Carter is no low bar, and if Langford takes his foot off the gas at all, Carter could quickly earn the top spot and win AL Rookie of the Year. However, what Langford has done from the day the Rangers drafted him fourth overall is nothing short of extraordinary and earned him top honors here.

After climbing four(!) levels of the minor leagues in just 44 games during his draft year and posting an 1.157 OPS along the way, Langford put himself in the conversation for a big league call-up in near record time. Spring training started with him having a reasonable chance of making the Opening Day roster, but he was far from a lock, given his lack of experience. All he has done since then is demolish opposing pitchers with a .361/.442/.806 line with five homers in his first 13 games. The strikeouts are mildly concerning, but Langford's potential not only should have him firmly in the running for a roster spot, but potentially some end of year hardware in 2024 as well.

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