Projecting the Texas Rangers Opening Day Roster

Colorado Rockies v Texas Rangers
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The Bench

C: Sam Huff

Utility Infielder: Josh Smith

Outfielders: Brad Miller, Travis Jankowski

It is time for Sam Huff to show he can hack it on this stage. He has been in the Rangers system since being drafted in 2016. This will mark his 7th full season in the Rangers organization. He has enormous power in his bat and can play just well enough defensively at catcher to stay back there.

That utility infielder spot might be one of the toughest decisions for manager Bruce Bochy and Chris Young to make. I examined the decision concerning Ezequiel Duran in my latest article. Duran is everything offensively that Josh Smith isn't. The ball flies off of his bat and he is able to get extra-base hits very easily. Josh Smith though is a much better defender and can play SS in addition to 3b and the outfield. In the utility role it is better to have someone who understands the various positions and can play them very effectively.

The reserve outfielders will be a mixture of Travis Jankowski and Brad Miller. Miller will see time at 1b and DH. Jankowski I would imagine is mainly platooning with Thompson in center. The members of this bench unit will probably be very fluid throughout this season.