Rangers' Marcus Semien drops truth bomb on A's situation with John Fisher, relocation

Coming from a former Athletic ...
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Most Texas Rangers fans are very familiar with Marcus Semien's emergence as one of the best players in baseball. After a very successful season with the Blue Jays where he finished top-three in AL MVP voting, the Rangers went out and signed Semien to a seven-year deal where he has established himself as one of baseball's elite.

However, Semien's ascension actually started during a six-year stint with the Oakland Athletics and he has a really strong regional connection as he is from the Bay Area.

Baseball fans are well aware of the sad situation with Oakland at this point. Athletics owner John Fisher has turned into the villain from "Major League" as he has all but ordered a complete teardown of the A's roster in advance of his grand plan to move the team to Las Vegas.

The Rangers just finished a four-game set in Oakland and Semien was interviewed about the situationand his response was both sad and definitely a shot at Fisher.

Marcus Semien reminded everyone just how brutal the Athletics' plans truly are

No one is arguing that having a sports franchise in Oakland or any small market is easy. However, the way in which Fisher and Co. have forced their way out of town despite not having an actual plan in place for establishing themselves in Vegas and will play in a minor league stadium for years has been despicable.

When Semien said, "This is a place you could come watch good baseball be played. The Texas Rangers are in town with Corey Seager, Adolis García, a lot of good players that you can come watch," it was a not so subtle shot at the A's current roster, but more so how Fisher has put the team in this situation.

Semien also talked about his roots in the area and that he is pretty bummed that his family and friends won't be able see him play when the Rangers are in town anymore. Unfortunately, that is the reality that we all have been dealt. Oakland's team has actually been surprisingly competitive in 2024, especially with the heat they bring out of their bullpen, but unfortunately ownership has completely bulldozed any hope that their fans will care at all.

If Fisher thinks he can just drop a team in Vegas and fans will flock to see a franchise still owned by him, guys like Semien (and probably many others) are going to be around to remind people that such behavior shouldn't be rewarded and that owners like Fisher can't be trusted to do best by the fans.

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