Rangers News: Texas gets positive updates on Josh Jung, Max Scherzer injuries

World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three
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The Texas Rangers have had a rough go of it when it comes to injuries lately. Between known long-term injuries to guys like Jacob deGrom and Tyler Mahle to Josh Jung breaking his wrist earlier this week, there is an argument that no team has more talent on the IL than the Rangers do this early in the 2024 season.

Two injuries stick out as being on Rangers fans' minds, though, in Max Scherzer and Josh Jung because of the uncertainty about when they could return beyond "sometime in the next couple months probably." Jung only just had surgery and the severity of his wrist injury wasn't fully known until Tuesday and Scherzer's back injury recovery has been nebulous and unclear for a while now.

Fortunately, Rangers fans got injury updates on the two star players, and both are quite good news, all things considered.

Max Scherzer and Josh Jung injury news much better than expected

For Scherzer, his recovery from herniated disk surgery was always fairly open-ended and it just depended on how his 39-year-old body healed, with the early estimates for his return date generally falling sometime in June. However, Scherzer just threw his third bullpen and proclaimed that he's now on a normal spring training ramp up schedule. That could mean fans might see Scherzer (hopefully) return as soon as late May.

As for Jung, he had successful surgery on his busted wrist and manager Bruce Bochy gave a six-week timeline for his return. That would put Jung on track to return right before Scherzer, a welcome development as there were certainly scenarios where his injury could have taken 8-12 weeks or longer to come back from.

It's never good news when players, especially important ones, go down for the count. However, it looks like the Rangers have dodged the worst of it for now and should get a nice boost in late May/ early June just from injured list activations alone.

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