Rangers’ season hangs in the balance with upcoming Jung and Seager injury updates

Texas really needs some good news for a change on both Corey Seager and Josh Jung.
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

In what has become a familiar tale for the Texas Rangers this season, injuries continue to plague them. They have several key players who have been out for a while, and new issues or setbacks just keep popping up. When Corey Seager got hit in the wrist by a pitch over the weekend, many just assumed the worst given how bad the Rangers' luck with ailments has been.

While the word after Seager's initial scans seemed to indicate that he avoided any major fractures, Texas fans will have to wait a bit longer not only on his official status but also on an update on Josh Jung, whose rehab is not going according to plan at all.

Corey Seager and Josh Jung injury updates could make or break Rangers' 2024 season

We'll start with Seager, as his situation is the easiest to explain. Yes, Seager's first round of X-rays did come back negative, which was great news. However, Seager was also very sore the day after getting hit by that pitch and now is going to undergo a MRI on Monday that will determine if those first X-rays missed something. It is extremely possible that there's soft tissue damage to his hand/wrist, which the initial scans missed. It goes without saying that losing Seager for a lengthy period of time would be disastrous for Texas.

As for Jung, his injury situation is more complex. Jung has been out since April after wrist surgery and was supposed to ramp up baseball activities this past week. However, inflammation in his surgically repaired wrist forced the Rangers to back off those plans, and now Jung is going to see a specialist to see what is going on and determine if there is a larger issue plaguing him.

While Jung being out for longer than expected does kick the Josh Smith roster problem down the road for a bit longer, everyone agrees that having a healthy Jung in the lineup is something the Rangers desperately want and need. Texas was banking on him bouncing back healthy, and now his short-term future is very much in question.

We will get answers as to what is going on with both Seager and Jung very soon and, hopefully, it will be good news for once.

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