Rangers’ World Series banner reveal was scuffed, but the moment was still perfect

The Rangers' World Series banner reveal was amazing even if the execution wasn't.

Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers
Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

For Texas Rangers fans, Opening Day was more than just the beginning of another season. The 2024 season should be incredibly exciting especially with a full year of Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford to be sure. However, the season opening festivities were particularly special for the Rangers as it was a chance to reflect on the first title in franchise history and reveal the World Series banner.

That said, if you thought that something wasn't quite right when Texas revealed the banner, you were far from alone. Yes, the banner was a little crooked, definitely was wrinkled, and didn't exactly unfurl in a polished sort of way.

Still, the moment was kind of perfect.

Rangers' first World Series banner reveal was great and highly relatable

We have seen World Series banner reveals go sideways before. The Astros had their own snafu in 2017 when they had to use a leaf blower to make the tarp covering the banner come off. While it would have been nice for Texas to have a seamless ceremony here, having it be a little scuffed was kind of endearing.

Here is a team that no one was picking to win the World Series last year and who had never won a title before having to figure out how to properly celebrate their win. For many fans, that relates heavily to the emotions they felt when the final out was recorded in 2023. "What do we do now?", "Is this real?", and a lot of other similar feelings raced through all of our minds as the Rangers rushed the field to celebrate.

Execution difficulties aside, the moment was still perfect. Bruce Bochy came out and thanked fans for their support and we saw an entire fanbase tear up just a little bit knowing that their time finally came last year and nothing can take that banner away from them now...crookedness and wrinkles and all.

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