Should the Texas Rangers give Mitch Garver the qualifying offer this offseason?

Texas faces several tough decisions this offseason as they straddle the line between winning now and prioritizing development of their prospects. One of the big questions this offseason will be what to do with Mitch Garver?
Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
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Mitch Garver has been one of the most important players on this Texas Rangers roster in the second half. He continued that with a solo home run on Wednesday that tied the game at 4 in a game Texas would go on to win 15-5. He stepped up and caught when Jonah Heim went down with an injury. He has been one of the best players on this team since the All-Star break. The 32-year-old catcher has a .274 batting average since the break with 14 home runs, 29 RBIs, and a .935 OPS.

There is one question that lingers over this team and that is will Texas bring Garver back in 2024? Right now that question is unknown and probably will stay that way until the days after the season ends. I posed this question on the website formerly known at Twitter last night and got mixed responses.

I got several comments in the hours since I posted that. $20.5 million would be a lot to commit even if it is for just one year. Texas has several options with the qualifying offer(QO) being one of them. I decided to quickly go through the three best options and then give my thoughts on what I think Texas should do.