Should the Texas Rangers give Mitch Garver the qualifying offer this offseason?

Texas faces several tough decisions this offseason as they straddle the line between winning now and prioritizing development of their prospects. One of the big questions this offseason will be what to do with Mitch Garver?

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Give Mitch Garver the Qualifying Offer

A report from MLB Trade Rumors showed that the 2024 qualifying offer will come in at around $20.5 million. Texas has several players that will become free agents: Martin Perez, Will Smith, Robbie Grossman, Travis Jankowski, Austin Hedges, Brad Miller, Ian Kennedy, and Mitch Garver. Garver is likely the only one who both qualifies for the offer and the Rangers would consider giving it.

Texas has to know that much like Martin Perez if they give the qualifying offer to Garver he is very likely to accept. Garver is making 3.9 million this season. If he is a free agent he is likely getting less than 20 million per season. I would guess he would be in the 12-15 million per season range considering his age and injury history. He would certainly accept a one-year and $20.5 million contract. If that happened Texas would be set at DH and be out of the Shohei Ohtani pursuit before it started.

Let Mitch Garver test free agency

The next option is decide against giving Garver the QO and let him test free agency. Texas could still resign him, but they would lose exclusive negotiating rights and would be competing with every team in the league for his services.

If Texas goes this route they are sending the message to Garver that they are fine if he leaves. They also are giving themselves time to see if a market develops and if bringing him back fits into their budget for 2024 with any other additions that are made.