Should the Texas Rangers give Mitch Garver the qualifying offer this offseason?

Texas faces several tough decisions this offseason as they straddle the line between winning now and prioritizing development of their prospects. One of the big questions this offseason will be what to do with Mitch Garver?

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Resign Garver prior to free agency

Chris Young in 2022 at the deadline made a point to say that they did not trade Martin Perez or Matt Moore because they wanted to use their exclusive negotiating window of two-plus months to try and resign both pitchers. Days and weeks went by and nothing got done with either pitcher. The QO was given to Perez and he accepted. Matt Moore waited until February and then signed with the Los Angeles Angels.

The experience of the Perez and Moore free agencies leads me to believe that Chris Young is not trying to resign Garver or likely any of the free agents prior to free agency. Two reasons for this decision. Garver is likely to set a higher price for a contract prior to the QO deadline knowing that he can hold out and see if Texas does give him the QO. Second, he is probably thinking that on the free agent market some team might come to him with a significant offer that would exceed the value of the QO.