Texas Rangers: 3 Prospects that are tradeable and 2 prospects that are untradeable

The Texas Rangers should be trying to win now, but also recognize that they have a bright future with certain prospects.
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We are less than six weeks away from the trade deadline. Fans are discussing the latest rumor, teams are having conversations, and sports reporters are speculating. The buyers are starting to separate themselves from the sellers. Players that will be available are being identified and come July trades will start to be made. This article is not about who the Texas Rangers will be trading for, it is about who they might be trading away. Their farm system is currently ranked in the top 10 in baseball. They have depth at every layer of the organization. They have the pieces to be able to trade for nearly anyone on the market. They have to be smart and make sure not to trade away too much of their future. I have three prospects in mind that they can make available, and two prospects that I do not think should be traded in any situation.

The Texas Rangers can discuss trading Luisangel Acuna

Acuna holds value not just because Ronald Acuna Jr is his brother, but also because he is good in his own right. He is a slick-fielding middle infielder who despite his lack of size has good pop and plays the game fast. Currently, he is hitting .307 with a .832 OPS. He has five home runs and 38 RBIs. He also has 29 stolen bases. He has taken a massive leap forward in progress this year. He has the athleticism to play the outfield as well as the infield.

The reason why Texas can discuss Acuna in trades is shortstop Corey Seager is signed for another eight years after this season. Seager likely will not play short the entire contract, but he is not moving off the position anytime soon. The Rangers have also built depth at that position above Acuna with Ezequiel Duran in the majors, Jonathan Ornelas at Triple-A Round Rock, Maximo Acosta at High-A Hickory, and Sebastian Walcott now in the Arizona Complex League. Duran and Ornelas can cover for Seager or Semien if they get hurt in the near future and Acosta and Walcott can possibly replace Seager at short when the Rangers are ready to move him to another position.

It would hurt to lose Acuna, but this why you build up excess depth is so that you can trade from that excess to address positions of need. If Acuna can stay healthy and productive over the next six weeks expect to hear him be mentioned as a possible trade piece at the deadline for a starting pitcher or a late-inning reliever

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