Texas Rangers: 3 Prospects that are tradeable and 2 prospects that are untradeable

The Texas Rangers should be trying to win now, but also recognize that they have a bright future with certain prospects.
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The Texas can discuss trading Aaron Zavala

This is another one that right now is looked at as part of the future, but also could bring back valuable pieces for the Rangers right now. Zavala much like Carter was a second round pick in 2021 out of the University of Oregon. There was a question if the Rangers were going to get him signed. There was a health-related issue, but on deadline day they worked it out and he signed his contract. Since then he has quickly moved through the lower minors and is at Double-A Frisco. He did have a partial tear of the UCL that delayed the start of his season this year. It required surgery, but he came back much sooner than expected.

Zavala made his season debut on May 17th and in the 28 games since then he is hitting .206, with 3 home runs, and 17 RBIs. He is not getting as many hits as he would like, but he is still getting on-base. He has a .362 OBP. He has 22 walks in 28 games. He had a 2-4 game on Sunday where he had a home run and a double. He might be coming out of his season long slump.

The Rangers can discuss Zavala because of Carter and because of who they might draft at number 4 next month. Carter is the more highly thought of prospect. He has a more consistent track record of production and will likely be in Arlington as soon as next season. The rumors circulating around Texas and the number four pick all say they are taking an outfielder. They are likely taking either high school outfielder Walker Jenkins or University of Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford. Good chance that either of these players will be fast-tracked through the minors and potentially be debuting by 2025-2026. This pick will eventually join Carter and Leody Taveras in the outfield.

Zavala has value despite his struggles because he is a former college outfielder with an advanced approach at the plate and can potentially be on a major league roster in 2024. He can get his feet wet for a team that is not expected to win and develop at the major league level. Zavala is another guy that I would hate to see go, but his true value to the organization might be in who he can bring back rather than what he can do for the Rangers organization.

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