Texas Rangers: 3 Prospects that are tradeable and 2 prospects that are untradeable

The Texas Rangers should be trying to win now, but also recognize that they have a bright future with certain prospects.
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The Texas Rangers can discuss trading Cole Winn

Winn is a weird case, because he has not pitched well really for most of the last calendar year. He has really struggled in Triple-A since taking a line drive off his ankle in a start May 2022. Winn is still a former first round pick and has good stuff. Right now Winn might be needing a change of scenery. Maybe being in a new location might help him rediscover the form that made him successful. The Rangers have tried everything they can to help him and to this point, nothing has worked.

I know some fans will say what kind of value does he have. Well, two seasons ago the Rangers decided to do the Kyle Gibson trade because the Phillies were willing to include a former first-round pick of theirs in Spencer Howard. There is a good chance that some team will be willing to take on Winn to see if there is anything there. Winn alone will not get a trade done, but including Winn as a piece might help the Rangers be able to protect other top prospects that they are not willing to trade.

I guess with Winn it just comes down to do the Rangers think there is a future in the organization for him. I would love to see it come together for Winn. I feel like I have played more games with Winn on MLB The Show in a Rangers uniform than he will ever actually play in real life in a Rangers' uniform.

There will lots of discussions over the next six weeks and players' names will be bandied about. Just remember this list and lets hope that the Rangers are able to protect both Carter and White, while being willing to discuss Acuna, Zavala, and Winn.