Texas Rangers: 4 encouraging signs from the Rangers in 2nd half opener

The Rangers kicked off the second half and got back on the right track at least for one night.
Cleveland Guardians v Texas Rangers
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The Ranger can drive in runs with runners in scoring position

The Rangers through early June had a batting average of higher than .330 with runners in scoring position(RISP). There was a massive drop in production in that category from June 7th to the All-Star break and they fell to under a .300 batting average on the season. It was really concerning to see Marcus Semien, Lowe, Garcia, and Jung all struggle prior to the break.

That changed in the fourth inning on Friday night. The Rangers were down 4-0 and did not have a hit in the first three innings with RISP. Fans were worried on Twitter that the break had not fixed everything. Lowe got the inning started with a solo home run. Garcia followed with a single. He was moved to second on a fly out from Jung and moved to third on a ground out from Heim. Jankowski was at the plate with a runner on third and two outs. This is a situation Jankowski has excelled in, he had a .341 average with RISP. He came through once again with a single to center to score Garcia and put a crooked number on the board.

That hit seemed to get everyone going. The Rangers finished the game 8-18, scored 12 runs in the game, and had a five-run seventh and a four-run eighth. It was an offensive performance from Texas that was more reminiscent of what the team showed in April and May rather than what we saw prior to the All-Star break. If that is what we are going to see going forward Texas will be in fine shape as far as the division and playoff contention is concerned.