Texas Rangers: 4 offseason predictions for the World Series Champion Texas Rangers

The hot stove season is here and Texas is still the World Series champions. What will Texas do this offseason to make another run at the World Series in 2024?
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4) Texas signs 3 bullpen arms and not ones you would expect

It was not a surprise when Chris Young at the GM meetings mentioned bullpen as the first thing he wanted to address this offseason according to Shawn McFarland of the Dallas Morning News.

It was a glaring need throughout the entire 2023 season. The bullpen blew more saves than they converted. It really is a miracle with that poor of a bullpen they were able to win the World Series. It took miraculous efforts from Josh Sborz, Aroldis Chapman, and Jose Leclerc. Each pitcher exceeded their abilities throughout the month of October. Texas this offseason will be looking to improve the depth of the pen and take some of the load off of Sborz and Leclerc.

The rumor surrounding Texas and the baseball insiders is that Texas is going to sign Josh Hader. That would solve their closer issue no doubt, but it would likely hinder their ability to really address the depth of the pen. Hader would be a massive improvement over Chapman, but Texas really needs about three arms to add to the pen. Hader will likely command about $20 million per season. That is what Edwin Diaz is currently being paid by the Mets.

The question becomes why spend $20 million on just one pitcher when they could spend $25 million and probably get three pitchers? Texas will sign Hector Neris, Jordan Hicks, and Brent Suter. Texas needs more pitchers who throw hard. Neris and Hicks definitely satisfy that. It would also give Texas options to go to if Leclerc or Sborz are having a tough week or two weeks. Suter is also a middle and late-innings left-handed pitcher. He would join Cody Bradford, Andrew Heaney, and maybe Bret Martin as left-handed pitchers in the bullpen.

Texas, now that they have a World Series championship, is going to be smart with the moves they make. I think they will try to inject this roster with fresh energy and not just try to run it back with the same roster. Every GM of a championship-winning roster has to walk that tightrope of changing the roster, but not changing the culture. Chris Young will have to try to maintain the resiliency of this team while also filling holes on the roster. It will be about adding players that will be hungry to win a championship. That is the roadmap for how Texas does not lose its edge and is able to make another run at a World Series championship in 2024.

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