Texas Rangers: 4 Prospects that should have already been promoted

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The Texas Rangers have had much more success at the major league level than was expected before the season. The quality of the minor league system is still there and is getting better day-by-day. Yet, several players that are performing well are stuck at the levels they started the season at. When you see the Angels and Mariners promoting players from the 2021 and 2022 drafts to the majors it begs the question if the Rangers are being too conservative with their prospects. These four prospects in the Texas Rangers system should have already been promoted and hopefully will be promoted soon.

Texas Rangers Prospect Jack Leiter

If I wrote this article back in April I would not be including Leiter on this list. He has done a 180 as far as performance is concerned and he is now starting to see results from the work he has put in. The turn around really started on April 29th. The line does not look pretty as he gave up five runs that night. He only walked one batter and stuck out six in four innings. Walks have been an issue for Leiter since making his debut in 2022. The one walk was much more encouraging than the five runs allowed were discouraging.

Leiter built on that in May. He had consecutive scoreless outings. He threw six innings in the first start and five innings in the following start. He still pitched under control and only walked two batters in each of those starts. He was progressing start by start.

Leiter then followed that up with the best start of his professional career. He went six innings, striking out 10, and only walked one batter. He was pitching with a competitive fire that night and only allowed the three runs after having to sit and watch a long inning from the Frisco lineup prior to the sixth inning. Calls for a Leiter promotion started to grow after these first three starts of May.

He followed up that start with a seven-walk start on the road in Arkansas. He only gave up one hit and one run despite those seven walks. In 2022 when he had high walk games he would often give up three runs or more in those games. Leiter showed that he is able to maintain his composure despite not having his best stuff or an umpire that is squeezing him.

Leiter finished up the month with another six inning quality start. He had four strikeouts to one walk in that start. He only gave up one run. He finished off the month of May with three quality starts, a 2-1 record, and a 1.67 ERA. It was his best month of his professional career.

He should be promoted to Round Rock this week. He has been at Double-A Frisco since the start of his professional career in April 2022. Leiter in 2021 was drafted number two right behind catcher Henry Davis of the Pirates. Over the weekend it was announced that Davis would be promoted to Triple-A. The Rangers should be making an announcement about Leiter moving to Triple-A as well. He has earned it.