Texas Rangers: 4 Prospects that should have already been promoted

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Texas Rangers Prospect Luisangel Acuna

Luisangel Acuna has been in the Rangers system for a few years now. He was signed as part of the 2018 International class. He has steadily worked his way up the system. He is now 21-years old and is inching closer to making his debut. The case for Acuna to be promoted revolves around two circumstances. He is performing at a high level for the Roughriders and is on the 40-man roster.

Acuna so far for Frisco has a .295 batting average, with three home runs, 26 RBI's, and 21 stolen bases. He also is playing excellent defense at shortstop and is just doing anything Frisco needs him to do in order to help the team win. He has certainly improved from last season when he really struggled after a midseason promotion to Frisco. He had a .224 batting average in 37 games played at Frisco last season. He is showing improvement in the box both with racking up base hits and has already drawn more walks than he did in a similar amount of games last season. The improvement is there and the performance is calling for Acuna to be promoted.

The other aspect is his presence on the 40-man roster. Is it really helping Acuna to be ready for a potential call-up to continue to play at Double-A Frisco? When Corey Seager went down in April the Rangers really had no infield prospects ready to promote. Jonathan Ornelas was new to Triple-A Round Rock and was struggling. Acuna was performing well, but was only at Double-A Frisco. If one of Seager or Semien go down again it would help if Acuna spent the month of June and beyond getting Triple-A at-bats.

It is time for Texas to push the accelerator down for Acuna and get him to Round Rock. Acuna will likely struggle at first, but the sooner he gets there the sooner he can overcome the struggles and make the adjustments necessary. Right now the 40-man roster is configured weirdly with a few players in Double-A and the players at Triple-A not showing themselves ready. That is why Acuna needs to be promoted to Round Rock this month so that he can be considered an option for promotion in case of injury.