Texas Rangers: 4 Prospects that should have already been promoted

Texas Rangers Spring Training
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Texas Rangers prospect Brock Porter

Porter was the surprise fourth round pick in the 2022 Draft. They took Kumar Rocker so that they could be able to take Porter in the fourth round. It worked and they were able to sign him with a near $4 million bonus. Porter has paid off the Rangers with his performance for Down East so far this season. Porter turned 20-years-old on June 3rd and should be promoted soon to Hickory.

Porter is being groomed as the potential future ace of a Texas Rangers rotation. The team so far is taking it very slow with Porter. They have capped Porter at about four innings per start. He did go five innings his last time out for the first time in his career. Maybe the leash is being loosened just a little as we enter June.

The numbers he has put up so far show that he is just toying with Low-A hitters. Porter has a 0.89 ERA, 42 strikeouts to 17 walks, and has 30 1/3 innings pitched. He has allowed hitters a .126 batting average against. When the ball is put into play hitters only have a .213 average. The only real concern for Porter is a higher number of walks than he should have.

Porter needs to face more resistance than he is facing currently at the Low-A level. I think if they move him up soon to High-A then that would start the train for him to get to Arlington by 2025 or 2026. That would be dependent on him being able to stay healthy as his innings continue to get built up.

Each of these four players represents the future of this franchise. It would be helpful for the future and present of this franchise if the Rangers would go ahead and promote them from Double-A to Triple-A and Low-a to High-A. These players have performed better, shown improvement, and would be better challenged by a promotion.