Texas Rangers: 4 Reasons to Be Patient

The World Series champions have been really quiet this offseason and have several reasons why they can afford to be patient.
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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#4 There is still plenty of time to improve the roster

One year ago Texas had already made most of their moves. The only significant players acquired later than December 13th last year was Nathan Eovaldi right around Christmas Day and then Will Smith and Robbie Grossman right after spring training started. This offseason is different. There are still several good players out there on the market. It does not seem as if there will be a rush any time soon. Texas can afford to wait it out.

On the Baseball Tonight podcast on Monday afternoon Jeff Passan mentioned how it might not be till the middle of January that all the major moves are done being made. If that is the case then Texas still has about a month to add pieces to a roster that is mostly assembled. We would all like to see the frenzy that Texas had in 2021 or the amount of moves Texas made in 2022. That is not where this team is at heading into 2024.

Texas will be the hunted and not the hunter in 2024. That will require a different mindset for this team. Everywhere this team goes and every team they take on will be trying to take down the World Series champion. Teams will not be overlooking them any longer. They will carry around the burden of defending a championship from game 1 to game 162.

If it takes another month to build this roster then so be it. The time is still there to build a good roster. It was demonstrated in 2023 that even if every hole is not filled there will be opportunities in the 2024 season to improve the roster. I am sure that Chris Young will take that same approach as he did in 2023. He will wait to see what the team can do over the first 100 games and then see what holes need to be filled. Opening Day is not the deadline to assemble a roster. It is just a starting point and the real deadline is the trade deadline in August. It is just December, the World Series in 2024 is still 10 months away. Texas still has plenty of time to put together a roster that can compete for another championship.

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