Texas Rangers: 5 areas of improvement for the Rangers after the Astros series

The Rangers lost the series, but did learn important lessons that will help them succeed in the future.
Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
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The Texas Rangers need a starting pitcher

If the Rangers are going to be serious about making a playoff run this season, they will need to trade for a starting pitcher. This is not really about the performance of the staff this week. Nathan Eovaldi and Andrew Heaney combined for 12 scoreless innings in Saturday and Sunday's games. It is about the inconsistency of the staff. While Eovaldi and Heaney were good, Gray and Perez were not. The one consistent is the All-Star Eovaldi and he has been very good this season. Everyone else on the staff is unpredictable.

Andrew Heaney even made a comment about that after his start on Sunday. He pitched five really good innings and then was removed. He said this to Kennedi Landry of MLB.com about being removed prematurely on Sunday

"As far as going back out there, near the end of my last two starts, I gave up two homers in Chicago in my last inning and a homer in my last inning of the start against Detroit, so I haven't inspired confidence of late"

This is the big issue is that the starting pitching staff outside of Eovaldi and lately Dunning is not inspiring a lot of confidence. Gray did have that confidence prior to the blister issue that caused him to miss a start. Since the complete-game loss against the St. Louis Cardinals on June 7th, Gray has thrown 13 1/3 innings and given up 12 runs in the three starts.

The issue on Monday was Martin Perez and his lack of control or velocity. The Astros had him timed up from the first pitch he threw to the last pitch that Tucker hit out for a grand slam. He was just awful today and that comes after throwing three consecutive quality starts. He finished this game pitching just 1 1/3 innings, throwing 57 pitches, and allowing six runs. It was his shortest start of the season.

If the Rangers are going to get back on track they need the starting staff to consistently pitch deep into games and give the team a chance to win. Since starting 40-20, the team is now 10-15. That is not a small sample size, it is almost an entire month's worth of games.

There are pitchers that could be available at the deadline. Max Scherzer could be had if the Mets continue to struggle. Dylan Cease might or might not be available. The Guardians could trade Shane Bieber. The Rangers need someone who can slot behind Eovaldi and help this team start to string together wins. Right now the only day the Rangers are almost guaranteed to have a shot at winning is the day Eovaldi pitches. If that does not change they will not be winning the division or maybe even making the playoffs.

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