Texas Rangers: 5 Issues affecting the Texas Rangers

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#4 Issue affecting the Texas Rangers: Marcus Semien's Slump

It is hard to really mention a downturn in offensive performance without at least mentioning Marcus Semien. I will say that he did carry this team on his back the entire month that Seager was out. He is completely deserving of every honor that he will receive throughout this season. He is also in the middle of his first slump of the season and it coincides with the offense slumping as well.

Semien is 4-33 over his last seven games and 0-11 over the last two games. He has six strikeouts to one walk in that time period as well. Only Semien knows what is causing this slump. I mentioned in yesterday's article about how him and Lowe have played in every game this season. Last year Woody in May when he was in that long season-opening slump did rest Semien for a day and he got himself out of the slump and has been playing well ever since. Bochy might need to give him a day off completely and not just a DH day. He is too important to potentially wear down. As the leadoff hitter, they need him to play his best in the batters' box and in the field.