Texas Rangers: Analyzing the potential advantage of acquiring Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger is having a great season and is likely to be shopped by the Cubs at the trade deadline.

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

As the trade deadline approaches, the Texas Rangers have been evaluating their roster and are considering various trade opportunities to bolster their lineup for the postseason push. One player who has garnered significant attention from many MLB teams, is Cody Bellinger of the Chicago Cubs.

Cody Bellinger, currently playing for the Chicago Cubs, has had a solid season thus far. Heading into Friday's game, he has 233 plate appearances, has accumulated 62 hits, including 13 doubles, one triple, and eight home runs, resulting in 28 runs batted in. Bellinger has also showcased his speed on the basepaths, stealing 10 bases. His batting average is .298, with an on-base percentage of .352, and a slugging percentage of .486, resulting in an OPS of .838. Additionally, his adjusted OPS (OPS+) is an impressive 126, while his weighted runs created plus (wRC+) sits at 121.

Digging deeper into Bellinger's performance, his advanced batting statistics provide further insights. His batting average on balls in play (BABIP) is .373, indicating a high success rate when putting the ball in play. Bellinger's weighted on-base average (wOBA) is .331, suggesting he generates many scoring opportunities. His isolated power (ISO) of .188 highlights his ability to hit for both power and extra bases.

While Bellinger's walk percentage (BB%) is relatively low at 3.4%, he makes up for it with his contact skills. With a strikeout percentage (K%) of 18.0%, Bellinger demonstrates an ability to make consistent contact, evident in his 77% overall contact rate. This contact ability contributes to his offensive production and the team's run-scoring potential.

The Texas Rangers need to weigh the several advantages of acquiring Cody Bellinger before the trade deadline

Firstly, Bellinger offers versatility on defense. He has played primarily at first base and outfield throughout his career, making him a valuable asset for teams looking to address positional needs or provide coverage for potential injuries.

Secondly, Bellinger possesses a power bat, evident from his .486 slugging percentage and 8 home runs this season. His ability to drive the ball with authority adds a significant offensive threat to any lineup.

Furthermore, Bellinger's on-base skills must be considered. With a .352 on-base percentage, he consistently finds ways to get on base. His ability to draw walks (BB% of 3.4%) creates scoring opportunities for teammates and enhances the overall depth of the lineup.

Additionally, Bellinger brings postseason experience to the table. He has excelled in high-pressure situations after winning the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020. Acquiring a player with such knowledge and a proven track record can be invaluable during a playoff run.

Texas Rangers should be all in on Cody Bellinger

Considering Cody Bellinger's impressive performance this season and his well-rounded skill set, acquiring him before the trade deadline could be a significant move for the Rangers. Texas scores a large amount of runs but are still seeking to improve lineup depth. With his defensive versatility, power bat, contact skills, on-base ability, and postseason experience, Bellinger can potentially boost the Rangers chances of success.