9 Texas Rangers players who will not be back in 2024

Texas Rangers relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman
Texas Rangers relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman / Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Jake Odorizzi

Oh, you didn't know Jake Odorizzi was on the Rangers? That's okay, no one else did either. Odorizzi came to the Rangers in Nov. 2022 from the Atlanta Braves, where he only pitched 46 1/3 innings and finished with a 5.24 ERA. He probably would've been pretty frequently seen as a mop-up reliever in Texas if he didn't go down with a right shoulder injury in April, which ended up needing surgery that kept him out for all of the 2023 season and sunk $12.5 million of the Rangers payroll.

Maybe this is too harsh, but letting Odorizzi go is a complete no-brainer. This year, with zero innings pitched, he made more money than Andrew Heaney, who put up 147 1/3 in the regular season. Not coming to the table with a pitcher who will just be coming off of injury represents another opportunity for Texas to cut some of the fat from their payroll and start rebuilding their inconsistent bullpen, which FanGraphs ranked 23rd in baseball this season.