Texas Rangers GM Chris Young is likely not finished after Max Scherzer trade

With the Texas Rangers trading for Max Scherzer Saturday, there are likely more moves up GM Chris Young's sleeve
Texas Rangers GM Chris Young
Texas Rangers GM Chris Young / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers made their biggest trade deadline deal in ... well, about a month by snagging New York Mets All-Star Max Scherzer late Saturday afternoon. And while it certainly fills a huge need in the rotation after losing Jacob deGrom for the remainder of the season, there is clear evidence that Rangers GM Chris Young is not done making moves before the MLB trade deadline on Tuesday, August 1 at 5 PM Central. So with just over 48 hours to go before that mark, let's look at three reasons Texas Ranger fans should expect at least one more move.

Chris Young is pushing hard to win now

It was the February of 2023. The Texas Rangers staff was almost completely remade, and the team was a week away from reporting to spring training in Surprise, Arizona. Reporters convened and asked questions about the moves Young had made in the offseason. After discussing the ins and outs of the deals made, he summarized it with four simple, but elegant words that Texas Rangers fans feel and know all too well. "We're sick of losing."

This fanbase has endured six long, grueling seasons of expectation and disappointment since last witnessing anything remotely close to playoff contention, let alone a playoff berth. To hear the top man in the front office say such a thing rang like music to the ears for those that have watched this team either lay flat and motionless at the deadline or send away superstars with the hopes of "maybe next year." But maybe ... just maybe "this year IS next year."

It's also why the move to lure manager Bruce Bochy out of retirement to join the staff was absolutely refreshing. But as if that didn't excite everyone enough, Young also recruited Mike Maddux to return as pitching coach with hopes of re-igniting the kind of talent and electricity that the 2010-era Texas Rangers pitching staffs showcased. But pushing hard is one thing, and to this point, Young has done a stellar job of pushing when and where the pushing is necessary.

Chris Young is a shrewd deal-maker that's not afraid of risk

This series of moves started when the Rangers signed deGrom to a massive contract for five years and $185 million dollars. While it brought excitement to most Texas Rangers fans, and came as fairly shocking news to some of the baseball world, there were scoffers.

After all, deGrom came with his own history of injuries, but Young knew the reward was worth the risk. Sadly, his talents won't be on the mound anymore this season, but the Rangers clubhouse still gets to reap the benefits of his pitching knowledge and veteran presence as he recovers. Let's be clear though: It would be foolish to say that his simple presence on the roster brings the same value he would have offered by actually pitching. However, it does still count for something.

Young also struck the deal on June 30 that brought closer Aroldis Chapman to the Rangers at the cost of Cole Ragans and Roni Cabrera. While it might take a while to see what become of those two young prospects, getting a late-inning pitcher with the talent of Chapman was nothing short of a win for the roster and the staff that deeply needed relief help.

Then of course, the Rangers traded for Scherzer in a deal that Michael Sanders described brilliantly for everyone. Sure, Luisangel Acuña will likely enter the Mets farm as their top prospect, but don't miss the point that he was the only member to leave the Rangers farm system. Add in one more year of Scherzer, and it's plain to see how shrewd this deal honestly is for the Texas Rangers. But we can't help but ask at this point if Scherzer is the last piece of the puzzle?

Chris Young is aware of the remaining needs

For the short term, Scherzer is an immediate fill-in for Nathan Eovaldi, who will miss his scheduled Sunday start. At the moment, it's unclear whether he will miss more starts, but the current message from the front office remains optimistic. Since that is not any information that's set in stone at the moment though, rumors do abound that the Rangers do also currently have sights on another Mets starter in Justin Verlander. Movement between now and Tuesday's deadline should provide more information as to just how optimistic the front office actually is.

Another pressing need that's brewing now is behind the plate. All-Star catcher Jonah Heim was recently placed on the IL. According to Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant, the best case is 2-3 weeks while the worst case is that he's out for the remainder of the season. Mitch Garver and Sam Huff will platoon as his replacements, but a deal for a proven veteran catcher in the meantime may not be out of the question.

Of course, the Rangers could always welcome some more presence in the bullpen, so a move for a reliever like San Diego Padres LHP Josh Hader could still happen as well. And like the Scherzer deal, there could be deals brewing deep underground that nobody is talking about at the moment. But a lot can happen in the next 48 hours or so, which gives plenty of time for Chris Young and the Texas Rangers front office to make one more big splash.