Texas Rangers Injury Updates: Josh Jung, Jacob deGrom, Nathan Eovaldi

Could the Rangers finally be getting healthy again? Cross your fingers and toes, but some signs are trending in the right direction.
Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays
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Once again, another week has gone by and the Texas Rangers' injury situation has found a way to get worse. This time, it was Max Scherzer's delayed rehab due to a nerve issue that forced him to the 60-Day IL, so at least it wasn't a new player getting hurt, but it was still a heavy blow.

However, there was actually a fair bit of positive news as well, as it seems like some guys are finally getting healthy (or at least making progress towards getting healthy), starting with Josh Jung. After breaking his wrist on a HBP in the latest line of dumb, fluky things to happen to him, Jung has been out since the beginning of April as the injury required surgery to correct.

Thankfully, word got out recently that Jung has been cleared to start doing on-field activities again. It is still going to take some time for Jung to get fully healed up, and he isn't even eligible to return until the beginning of June, but Rangers fans should feel good about the fact that Jung is progressing well. Assuming no other hiccups, he should go out on rehab assignment next month.

Texas Rangers News: Jacob deGrom progressing well in rehab

With the Rangers' rotation getting absolutely savaged by injuries, fans are getting understandably anxious and have been looking for positive news on Jacob deGrom and his recovery from Tommy John surgery.

During a Q&A, Rangers beat writer Kennedi Landry did have an update on deGrom and it was largely positive. While Rangers fans shouldn't expect him to go out on rehab assignment next week or anything, deGrom is doing some throwing and could return as soon as August if everything goes well. That is far from a given and Texas' luck is uniquely terrible this season, but so far everything is going to plan.

Texas Rangers News: Nathan Eovaldi could return next week

Of all the players mentioned here, Eovaldi's injury is by far the most minor as he has been dealing with a groin issue. While no injury is good news, it felt like Texas was trending towards somebody being diagnosed with gangrene, so we are calling this a win.

In even better news, manager Bruce Bochy provided some more optimism a couple days ago regarding the team's plans for Eovaldi. Assuming he feels up for it (still tentative), the plan is for Eovaldi to throw off the mound sometime this coming weekend. If that goes well, there is a reasonable chance that he could avoid a rehab assignment and pitch for Texas next week.

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