Texas Rangers offseason fun. The famous singer that best resembles catcher Jonah Heim

With the offseason in full swing and not much to report for the World Series Champion Texas Rangers, why not have a little fun and compare players with music recording artists? Starting with catcher Jonah Heim, let's see which act he compares the best to.
Texas Rangers catcher Jonah Heim had a few smash hits in 2023 and cut his hair -- much like a pretty popular current music artist
Texas Rangers catcher Jonah Heim had a few smash hits in 2023 and cut his hair -- much like a pretty popular current music artist / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

"Thought You Should Know"

Before we talk more about Jonah Heim, and the season he had with the Texas Rangers, I should disclose that I'm quite a bit of a music fan. In fact, I played the sax in middle school and high school, and began playing guitar, bass, drums and singing once I finished school. I've dabbled in music for my entire adult life and am very ... please allow me to over-emphasize if necessary ... VERY amateur at it, though. But why not take my two favorite pastimes, which are baseball and music, and put them together for some offseason fun?

Keep in mind though, the music acts being used for comparison's sake could be solo, male, female, groups, bands, varieties, or even single contributors of a much bigger act. But I also won't lie, they'll probably be pretty easy to figure out. So, don't overthink them and here we go!

After winning the World Series, the Rangers have had a fairly quiet offseason, but catcher Jonah Heim should be in for a big one, himself. For starters, he already took home an extra $1.06 Million as a pre-arbitration bonus. This of course came after his first career All-Star selection and the American League Gold Glove Award. He also set career highs in several key offensive marks, including home runs, RBIs, hits and batting average.

As most Texas fans know, Heim didn't find immediate success early. After the Orioles drafted him in the fourth round of the 2014 draft, he bounced around between the farm systems of Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Oakland before landing in Texas. He splashed into "The Show" briefly with the A's in 2020, but it didn't last long.

Meanwhile, this particular music artist got started by appearing on NBC's "The Voice" in 2014. His tenure on the show didn't last long, but he didn't let that stop him from pursuing his dream.

"One Thing at a Time"

For Jonah, he recorded his two biggest hits of his early career in 2021 during his "official" rookie season. On July 31 and August 1, he became the first rookie in MLB history to record walk-off home runs in consecutive games. Since his then, he's also raised his average, OBP and slugging percentage each season with steady improvement. All-the-while, Jonah rocked a signature mullet.

Meanwhile, our music artist didn't let his early exit from "The Voice" set him back. He promptly began networking his way into the music industry and working with more vocal coaches and musicians to improve quickly. Like Heim, this artist became known for his dark hair and luscious mullet.

"More Than My Hometown"

Both Jonah and this music artist are quite proud of their hometowns. One sings about his often, while the Rangers catcher has a tattoo of the Buffalo, NY skyline on his arm. But this isn't where the similarities end. Both of these guys also trimmed their mullets! Granted, the music artist decided to go the Caillou route, while Jonah simply trimmed down to a more sleek and aerodynamic look.

Closing Remarks

As you've probably guessed by this point, the music artist is country star Morgan Wallen. To be honest, I've compared him to Heim for a couple of years now, but the timing of each guy cutting their long hair short within two months of each other is fairly crazy. Both guys represent a huge fanbase in their field and are young enough (each born within two years of each other) to be set up for success for years to come.

One more fun fact, Wallen is a huge sports fan, and he even wanted to play professional baseball as a kid. He's also left-handed, while Jonah is a switch-hitter that throws right-handed. He's also featured a country artist, Russell Dickerson, as his walkup music. So that should count for something, right? It's not a perfect comparison, but it's close, so what do you think?