Texas Rangers postseason success might come at a cost this offseason

Even though Texas is still playing, some teams are starting to consider candidates for manager, could a Texas Rangers coach be one of them?
Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Dodgers v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers have been defying expectations this offseason. No one expected that the Rangers would even make it past the wild-card round against the Tampa Bay Rays without two of their Cy Young award-winning pitchers. After strong pitching performances, the Rangers have the Baltimore Orioles on the brink of elimination after yesterday's win in Baltimore.

Cleveland's interest in a member of the Texas Rangers' coaching staff

While seeing your favorite team succeed in the postseason is always exciting to see, sometimes it comes at a cost. For those who didn't see the reports out of Cleveland this week, the Guardians are looking at Rangers Associate Manager Will Venable to replace Terry Francona as their next manager.

It wouldn't be surprising that they are looking at him to be the manager. He has been a candidate for many managerial vacancies across the league in recent seasons. Some of the teams that have shown interest in him in the past have been the: Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, Detroit Tigers, and the Oakland Athletics.

Now before the Ranger fans hit the DEFCON 1 button, it's not set in stone that he will be the next skipper of the Guardians. There are plenty of other candidates that the Guardians will also interview. Out of respect, I bet the Guardians wait until after the Rangers' season ends before requesting an interview with Venable. If he ends up being the skipper for the Guardians next season, good for him and I wish him the best.

What the future plan could be if Venables stays around.

If he ends up turning down the job in Cleveland and remains with the Rangers, it would show the winning culture Texas Rangers Manager Bruce Bochy and General Manager Chris Young are trying to build. There would also be a possibility that the Rangers are grooming Venable to take over for Bochy when he decides to retire for a second time. It personally wouldn't surprise me if Venable took over the Rangers in a couple of seasons due to Bochy's age.

For now, fans should remain focused on cheering on the Rangers. They are returning home for playoff baseball at Globe Life Field starting on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be the first-ever playoff game at Globe Life Field that the Rangers have played in. If they end up winning, they will move on to the ALCS to take on the Minnesota Twins or the Houston Astros. Let's focus on the present before worrying about the future of the franchise.