Texas Rangers Spring Training Day 1 Recap

The Texas opened up spring training and made some news by updating where they stand on signing a certain left-hander.
Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers
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3. Dane Dunning continues to tease about a new pitch

The clubhouse was open today and Bruce Bochy met with the media and Dane Dunning took some questions as well. He made news at Fanfest a couple of weeks ago when he teased he might be throwing a new pitch this season. He has been working on this throughout the offseason and was asked about that near the end of this clip,

Dunning is coming off his best season. He started in the bullpen and finished with maybe the best season among the Texas Rangers' starters. Dunning finished 2023 with a 12-7 record, 3.70 ERA, and set a career high in strikeouts with 140 in 172 2/3 innings. He is looking to take that next step from being a good pitcher to a potentially great pitcher. Whatever this new pitch is could play a part into him taking that next step. Dunning last season already threw four pitches primarily. He threw a sinkers, slider, cutter, and changeup. He would also sprinkle in a curveball and four-seam fastball. I am wondering if this is going to be a two-seam fastball or maybe a forkball. That will be something to watch for when games officially get underway on February 23rd.

It was a nice sunny day and the Texas Rangers have begun their defense of the franchise's first World Series. Opening Day is almost six weeks away.

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