Texas Rangers: The 7 Worst First Round Picks since 2000.

Texas has not been very good in the first round and this list will explain the mistakes the Rangers have made over the years.
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2009 Texas Rangers 1st Round Pick- Matt Purke

2009 will always be known as the Mike Trout draft. That was the draft that saw Trout fall all the way to 24. The Rangers were picking 14 after going 79-83 in 2008. The Rangers after seeing such names as Stephen Strasburg, Mike Minor, and Zach Wheeler chose to go with Matt Purke, a high school pitcher out of Klein Collins High School in Springs, Texas. Purke was committed to TCU. So Texas would have to come up with a good offer to get him to sign.

Purke and Texas entered into negotiations and it did not go well. Purke had a number he wanted which was above slot. He wanted 6 million dollars. The Rangers came in with an offer of 4 million. In the end, Purke chose to attend TCU. It did not work out for either side. Purke went back into the draft in 2011 and was picked in the third round by the Nationals.

Purke had Tommy John surgery in 2014 and was released by Washington. He did end up recovering and did make a few appearances for the White Sox in 2016. He continued pitching in the minors through 2018 and in Independent League baseball in 2019.