Texas Rangers: Top 5 seasons based on runs scored in franchise history

The Rangers are scoring a lot of runs so far in 2023, but where does it stack up to the most prolific offenses in club history.

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The Texas Rangers are scoring runs at a historical pace this season. While the run production is down in the month of June and first part of July, this team is still currently scoring at a clip that would equal the most in Rangers franchise history. Will that happen? Perhaps not. But one thing is for sure, this 2023 Texas Rangers' offense is going to go down as one of the most prolific scoring offenses the organization has ever had.

#5 most runs scored by the Texas Rangers for a season - 890 runs by the 2001 team

At number five on the all-time Rangers list for most runs scored in a season, is the 2001 club. That team was a bit of a mess, but they knew how to score runs. Unfortunately, they didn't keep the other team from scoring very often. The Rangers scored 890 runs in their 162 games that season, for an average of 5.49 runs per game. The pitching and defense allowed 968 runs for an average of 5.98 runs per game. So, despite having one of the most prolific offenses in franchise history, the team was still being outscored, on average, by 0.49 runs per game.

The 2001 season was one that had many monumental occurrences. This was the first year that Alex Rodriguez was in Texas, after signing his 10 year, $252 million contract in the offseason. While A-Rod's three years in Texas and then the subsequent trade and salary obligation to the New York Yankees are marred with disdain in the minds of most Rangers' fans, he put up some video game like numbers while he was in Arlington. He led not only the team, but the entire American League, with 133 runs scored.

A-Rod cranked out 52 home runs in 2001, followed by 47 from Rafael Palmeiro, Pudge Rodriguez hit 25 home runs, and in his second stent with the club, an aging Ruben Sierra launched 23. It also marked the rookie campaign of future Texas Rangers Hall of Famer Michael Young, and the end of the Johnny Oates (another Rangers HOFer) era.

Oates had huge expectations set on him from the front office heading into the 2001 season, despite finishing last in the division the year before. With the expensive signing of A-Rod, hype was high, but the win total was low. After starting the season at 11-17, Oates resigned and was replaced by first base coach Jerry Narron. Narron would finish out the 2001 season and manage the entire 2002 season, before giving way to Buck Showalter who managed the team for four seasons, 2003 to 2006.

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