Texas Rangers: Top 5 seasons based on runs scored in franchise history

The Rangers are scoring a lot of runs so far in 2023, but where does it stack up to the most prolific offenses in club history.
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#4 most runs scored by the Texas Rangers for a season - 901 runs by the 2008 team

Next up on the list of top run scoring Texas Rangers offenses, is the Ron Washington led 2008 team. This season was the second year for Wash as manager of the Rangers and it marked a shift in the club for the next several seasons. It was the last year that the Rangers were a high scoring offense that allowed more runs than they scored. Over the next several seasons and playoff runs, the offense would not be scoring nearly as much, but the pitching and defense got remarkably better as well.

In that 2008 year, the Rangers topped the 900-run mark by one, and ended up scoring 901 for the season and 5.56 runs per game. They would finish the year at 79-83, in second place in the AL West, but 21-games behind the Los Angeles Angels who went on to win 100 games. Both Ian Kinsler and Young scored 102 runs in 2008.

Milton Bradley was with the club in 2008. This was his one and only season with the Rangers and was his best season in his 12-year career. Of his career 16.9 career bWAR, Bradley compiled 5.2 of it as a Ranger. He played in 126 games, had 510 plate appearances, hit 22 home runs, slashed .321/.436/.563, and had a 162 OPS+. Bradley led the American League in OBP, OPS, and OPS+.

It was the first year for Josh Hamilton to be in Arlington, and he didn't disappoint. He scored 98 runs himself, belted 32 home runs, and led the American League with 130 runs batted in. His most incredible feat that year, was his unworldly exhibition that he put on at Yankee Stadium during the home run derby. Hamilton hit 28 nukes during the opening round of the contest and had the baseball world gasping in amazement. He would ultimately fall in the finals to Justin Morneau, but everyone knew that baseball, and Hamilton were the real winners that night.

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