Texas Rangers Trade Deadline Preview

Chris Young faces a big test at the deadline as the Texas Rangers are buyers for the first time since 2016.
Texas Rangers Spring Training
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These next four days leading up to the trade deadline will help determine what the ceiling of the Texas Rangers is for 2023. It is Chris Young's first trade deadline as a buyer and his first one without Jon Daniels. He has to try and navigate these trades and not give up so much that it will be a detriment to the Rangers competitive window long term, while also giving this team every chance to win the World Series. It is a scary tightrope for a first-time GM. If Young can navigate the tightrope and get to the other side successfully he could be setting up Texas for a potential World Series run. Before we get to the deadline let's set the stage. I want to identify the buyers Texas is competing with, the sellers who Texas is picking from, positions of need, and players that Texas is likely targeting. This will help be a guide for fans to look back on as we go through the next few days leading up to the 5 pm central time deadline on August 1st.

Trade Deadline Buyers

2023 is definitely a sellers' market. That means there is more buyers than sellers and so the prices to acquire pieces from teams that are selling is likely to be higher than in a normal season. The expanded playoff is certainly playing a large part in the sellers' market. There are more teams that are considering going for it rather than selling because of the extra wild cards. These are the top teams that Texas is competing with.

Houston Astros

Los Angeles Angels

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants

Arizona Diamondbacks

Miami Marlins

Philadelphia Phillies

Minnesota Twins

Cleveland Guardians

There are of course other teams like Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta that could make moves but at this point, they have not been mentioned as teams that are heavily involved in the trade market. That all could change before the deadline. All of these teams have one thing in common with Texas: they are looking for starting pitchers and relievers. Texas is competing with each of these teams in these trade discussions.

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