Texas Rangers trade deadline target profile: Blake Snell

With the MLB trade deadline now less than two weeks away, time is running out on the Texas Rangers to swing a deal, so here's a look at one possible trade target in San Diego Padres LHP Blake Snell.
San Diego Padres lefty Blake Snell could be a key target for the Texas Rangers
San Diego Padres lefty Blake Snell could be a key target for the Texas Rangers / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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What the Padres need

The other side of this trade of course, is the Padres. Honestly, the thought of the them trading Snell would have sounded crazy at the start of the season. Most outlets favored the Friars to take home the NL West crown, or at the very least to clinch one of the three NL Wild Card slots. Yet now, here they are, trailing the Los Angeles Dodgers (whom the Rangers face this weekend in a pivotal three game set) by 10 games, and sitting six and a half games behind the NL Wild Card leaders. Not to mention, another two teams sit between the top wild card teams and San Diego. So, the next question is, "What would the Padres ask for in return?"

Currently, they have a solid, but middle-of-the-road farm system. This is because they sent off many of their key prospects last season to acquire Juan Soto. The Padres did a fantastic job of bolstering the farm with last week's amateur draft. This means the future looks solid for the franchise as a whole, but they could use some players that are closer to making an MLB roster within the near future.

Their biggest needs lie at catcher and bullpen. Texas could offer some relief (no pun intended), but finding a catching prospect might provide a bit more of a challenge. The Rangers do have some platoon player options to offer instead.

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