Texas Rangers underwhelm fans with recent news

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros
Texas Rangers v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers are now in the news in the baseball world. But, it isn't for good reasons. Now, it isn't anything bad that happened for the Rangers, besides what they presented the fans with.

The one thing fans had to be excited about this year, besides the fact that the on-field product would be better, is that the team would be getting a new jersey. Last year several teams got a new jersey, one that connected the city with the teams, and Nike called it the "City Connect Uniforms."

The Rangers didn't do one last year but instead did one this year. They had over a year to put together their new jersey design, but you wouldn't know that based on what they put together.

On Monday the Rangers showed what jerseys they will be wearing on April 21 against the Oakland Athletics. The uniforms have creme tops with red and midnight blue on them. The bottoms are midnight blue and the socks look to be black with red accents.

Texas Rangers unveil City Connect Uniforms

Here is what the Texas Rangers website said about the new uniforms:

"Our City Connect Uniforms celebrates the origin story of the Rangers and the Texas spirit that brought Dallas and Fort Worth together in Arlington. Through baseball. Because it's good to know where you come from."

The Rangers could have done so much more with this. They did a good job of bringing together what Dallas and Fort Worth are about and their history, but it could have been better. The uniforms are somehow too much but not enough at the same time.

While all this is subjective, yes, most fans, I'm seeing, feel the same way. The caps may be the best part, as they are midnight blue with an old English font of the letters TX for Texas.

The Rangers have disappointed a ton of people with these uniforms, and what makes matters even worse is that they took away the red tops due to uniform rules.

Hey, maybe these look better in game, but as of right now, they are extremely underwhelming.